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The great Lambina Opal Rush

Lambina was the biggest opal rush in Australia's history. Known for very fine opal for over 30 years, just a couple of years ago, there were hardly a handful of gangs there. From 1998 till 2002, claims were thick and heavy. We were there, buying the best and tuckering it away.
(You might want to read a recent story about a visit to Lambina by a Yank...)

This first page shows some of the less expensive white base, as well as the higher quality dark base.

Don't miss the second page of this special.
There's some big specimens, and a great deal on dark base blue-greens, in a wide range of sizes. And only $45 per ounce !

The stones on this page range from approximately 1/4 oz. up to 4 or 5 ounces, and are priced from :

$70 - $100 - $200 - $500 and $1000 per oz.

This is a group of white-base, nice chunky stones,
and only $70 per ounce.
dark base

We have a couple of hundred ounces of the $70 to $200 oz. grades and probably only 30 oz. of the $500 per oz. There are only a few stones left of the tops.

Go to the Order/request page and let us know what you want of this super special as soon as possible !

Below is a set of pictures of the different classes of this parcel :

here are some large stones at only $100/oz :
large stones

another picture of the same stones :
dark base

here's some of the nice dark class at $200/oz :
dark base

more of the $200/oz class :
dark base

a poor picture of the very nice dark base $500/oz :
dark base

A better close-up of the better $500/oz material:
dark base

This are great stones at only $1000/oz :
dark base

Just a different view of the last of the tops @ $1000/oz
They are very satisfying :

dark base

Remember to just go to the Order/request page and let us know what you want of this special as soon as possible !

Tell us what you like, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.
That is unless you wait too long... :-(

Don't forget that there is a There is another page of this...

We look forward to dealing with you.

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