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Success stories from our Customers

This page just for stories from our friends who have a story about their success in the opal business, or just want to offer public comments.

If you would like to have your story posted here too, just send it to me!

I sit in this house 2 years retired, depressed and basically
dying. Then I started going to rock shops and gravitated towards
opals. I pieced together a flat lap and ordered some opal from
a couple of dealers. This didn't satisfy my
quest, next I did an internet search and you popped up. I must say
you overwhelmed my desires and set a fire under my ass. I have no
desire to retire, I would rather learn more, cut and sell opal so
we can help my granddaughter....

(This man is now an opal deal, does shows, cuts opal for a living,
and sells to jewelery stores and rock shops.
Another genuine story of opals becoming a positive part of someone's life !)
(September 2008)

Hi Murray,
I've just read your story about the Korean guy that had this Lambina stone with a pitch black inside. I think I have a follow up.....

About two years ago I think, I bought a beautiful Lambina stone from you. It's face showed a marvellous blue-orange mackerell-like pattern and it had a green crystal 'back'-side. It also had some grey potch and a greyish overtone on it's face and, what's more, there was a shallow crack running right through the middle of the face of the stone.
I had to make the difficult decision to either cut it in half or to grind the crack away and perhaps loose most of the color. I decided to first have a look how deep the crack went. So I wetted it and held it to the light.....

As you might guess: the inside of the stone showed pitch black and when I decided to grind it, the fire partially turned red-green. When held upright it lights up like a burning cole.

I haven't finished the stone yet. Still gazing.

I just cherish this one as one of the opals that brought me luck where others, and of the same cost, just happened to craze. That's how it goes. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
Just thought you might be interested is this story.
(January 2004)

"Go ahead and put it on my visa also,I'm sure I'll want to keep it. I will be eagerly waiting to recieve your parcel, also I should complement you on your excellent web site. It's the best opal site I've found!! Well,thanks again ..." (November 1999)

"Murray, Wow! I hadn't visited your site in a while. It's great! It was pretty dang good before, but now I think that you are out to get some of those "Best on the Web" type awards. You sure deserve one or more. An opalholics dream site! Pat whomever did the site work on the back. They have done a magnificant job! " (October 1999)

Just received my opals today....they are beautiful!!! Thank you.
I am going to keep everything you sent me, so go ahead and charge the rest to my charge card.
I really enjoyed watching the video, makes me want to come see Australia someday.
Thanks again. I will definitely be buying more opal from you in the future.
(September 1999)

Murray, Last evening I recieved a call from Kent about buying some opal. I am not in the market right now but will keep you in mind for the future. The stones that I've bought from you are usually a bit high on the price side they are also high on the quality side . I've bought a small bit here and there from a few others. I need to see what's out there. I'll be back.

This note is more as an "atta boy" for Kent . Although I'm not in the market now, the call was not wasted. It got me thinking more about opal sales and I spent the little free time that I had thinking about opal sales. Something that I had not done in a while.I get caught up in the other things that are going on and one thing or another gets left behind for a while.

I called a friend in Tennessee and sold a small bit that I had not cut. Kent, you may not have sold me anything today but your call did get me moving, and made future sales move a bit closer. Keep up the good job. I've done some "Cold calling" as part of a previous job's required work and I know how frustrating it can be at times. Don't let the 'no sale' get you down. Sometimes you are doing a lot that you are not aware of. Just keep up the excitement! Dial those numbers! You are "Stirring up the pot" and getting other people excited and motivated.

I'm sorry that I didn't express this last night. I hope that your other calls were more immediately productive as far as sales go. Just know that No Call Is Wasted, the results just come slower than you might want sometimes. Keep up the good work and thanks for the motivation. Sometimes, you just have to kick people in the pants and wake them up. The best to you and yours.
(September 1999)

I was ill from work today, so spent hours looking at gemstones. I feel compelled to tell you that I am extremely impressed with your site!!! As an opal lover, I can't tell you how aggravating it is to see crummy photos of potentially beautiful stones. Your abundance of incredible photos and animation sequences will keep me coming back. In the future, I plan to pick up a pretty little crystal stone to go along with a fabulous ring I recieved as a gift. Keep up the good work!!! Truly a fabulus site! .." A couple of compliments for you too, congratulations!
(September, 1999)

Wow! The piece you sent me was absolutely stunning. I have many ideas for it already. I am sending you a check by tomorrow for the full amount. Thank you for picking out such a wonderful piece. I look forward to making more purchases in the future. .."
(September, 1999)

Murry, you may recall last year I'd bought from you a dark base opal, 17.3gms, from Olympia at only $45 per oz ,total cost $26. I was fairly new to opal and cutting in general back then, I cut this stone freeform and pretty thick in the shape of a clamshell. I knew I had a good stone but held on to it till just today when I sold it wholesale for $1,000 ! 3746% profit !
(August, 1999)

Everything is going well here, and this definately does not present a problem. Of all the orders I have taken so far(all!) with return privledges on all or part of a parcel, I have not had one piece returned, or even a complaint.

I am getting a decent markup on my opal, and most people who are knowledgeable say my prices are reasonable, which I attribute to your goods and prices, and , hopefully, to my selections of rough. I do need a better selection of opal in the before mentioned catagories though.

There are a lot more buyers for Ford Escorts, than there are for Lincoln Continentals. I do want to mention that I enjoy doing business with you, and look forward to a long relationship.
(September, 1999)

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