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Andamooka super gem carver 2 Stones

0.555 ounce $235

Painted Lady

Andamooka Painted Lady 64 x 60mm $700


Two pieces of a boulder 'pipe'.

Beautiful rich multicolor boulder opal... see below


Painted Ladies !!

Historically one of the most colorful elements of life in the outback.

Here is a GREAT matched pair... A rare find !
These are approximately 6" x 4", and about 1" thick.
If you want these, call NOW !

More Pics: [1] [2] [3]

Here is a big beautiful Gem specimen from Mintubi.
Only : $1950.00 US Closeup

Georgeous crystal veins on Andamooka sandstone

11.6 Ounces for $1975

Another view

Very lovely vein of crystal on sandstone from Andamooka.

7.6 Ounces for $265


A rich black Mintubi 'Lady' 12cm x 6cm x 1.5cm
Only : $450.00 US Closeups : [1] [2]

Two opal 'Pipes' or Belemnites from Lambina
Total of 1.52 ounces, $350 for the pair !

A Mintubi Double Bar specimen 14cm x 5cm x 2cm
Only : $375.00 US Closeups : [1] [2]

A Mintubi Black and White specimen 19cm x 8cm x 1cm
Only : $650.00 US Closeup

Ever want a really fantastic shell collection ??
This is one of the best. Very heavy and chock full !
Only $1250.00 -- More Detail ?

A very rare Boulder Opal Pipe in two pieces !!
Spectacular and Only (2 pieces) 68.41 cts & 23 cts (91.41 cts)
More Detail ?

Here are 11 specimens from Lightning Ridge
only $250 for the lot

Beautiful Lightning Ridge blue greens - 8 stones in parcel
Only $523.25

This is a large specimen of Andamooka Concrete.
Almost 23 ounces !! SOLD

Here is a collection of 8 stones weighing a total of 10.35 ounces.
It is a lovely assortment of Andamooka Painted Ladies, and one very nice specimen of Coober Pedy 17 mile. Only $150.00

This lovely assortment includes a specimen from Lambina, some Coober Pedy 17 Mile, and some large and small Andamooka Painted Ladies
This collection of 7 stones weighs approximately 10.7 ounces.
Only $250.00

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