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Not often such a great parcel from Shell Patch

Shell Patch is a small field at the northern reaches of the
Coober Pedy opal mining area.

It is called so because of the large number of pockets
of opalized shells that are found there.

But it is not so well known for parcels
such as this one !

In fact this parcel was mined about 30 years ago !!
(No that isn't just BS...we do know.)

Here we have 6.93 Ounces of such beauty that will make your heart leap !

Just look at each of these stones, whether from afar or up close, these are so enticing. The skin is very thin and the color is just full in every direction.

And the price is only $1800 per ounce !
You'd better not wait ...

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Last modified: June 30, 2010
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