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A Beautiful Set of Opal Pictures to

enjoy on your computer screen

15 carats of the finest Mintubi

We've assembled a collection of opal pictures that are specially edited so that you can use them as a screen saver on your computer.

All you should have to do is download the folder, and put them where you normally put your screen saver pictures.

Then just tell your computer preferences that you want to choose the entire folder as your screen saver.

Some computers give you options like randomize the presentation, and move them across the screen etc. All of these are very interesting and add to the enjoyment of the pictures.

Please note that this set will work for both Macintosh and Windows !

(only about 1 MB)

And please do share them with others, but remember that all of these images are copyrighted. They are offered here for your personal use. License is not granted for them to be re-published in any form.

Kindest regards,

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Murray Willis