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Andamooka produces this rare Honey colored opal !

honey matrix honey matrix

Andamooka is one of the smallest opal mining areas of South Australia.
It is the home of the Andamooka matrix opal, and those wonderful "Painted Ladies",
and it is well-known by opal experts to produce the most brilliant Australian crystal opal.

What is not as well-known,
is that Andamooka also produces a rare and very beautiful Honey Matrix Opal !

I have just returned from our mine in Andamooka. Whilst I was there I got from a neighbouring miner a very beautiful parcel of Super Gem Honey Matrix and some of the Honey Matrix stones have opal on them. They are fairly expensive but we have some smaller pieces that range in price from as little as $12 to $3600 each. We only have about 50 stones so if you want one I suggest that you get back to us pretty quickly. But you should get back to us and secure one of these most unusual and highly prized Super Gem Andamooka Honey Matrix opals.

During my 4 days up there we only found about $15 worth of opal. We broke a hose that we are having difficulty removing, and will probably have more difficulty replacing, on our bulldozer. The weather was great, for the first time in my mining life I put a net across my face to keep the flies out of it, at any one time even after I had showered, there were 150 flies buzzing around me.

The mine that we are working in is 18 foot deep and over it, it had 30 feet of overburden from the mine next door. We had to remove the overburden with the bulldozer to get at the solid ground. We half removed a big dump from the mine and as the face of the new mine got closer to the overburden we decided to stop because we thought it was getting dangerous. It is a good thing we did because the next morning when we went back our cut was half full, so overnight the overburden had slipped down, if we had continued we could have had a pretty cheap burial for Murray.

I was invited to a Barbeque on Sunday afternoon, we packed up at about 1 pm from the mine (Yes sometimes we work 7 days per week) and proceeded to the largest underground opal mine in the world. There was about 100 people at the Barbeque and without any trouble you would fit 5000 people in the mine. The ground has been worked with a bobcat and there is a 4 tonne truck that is loaded underground and driven out. The drives are about 60 feet wide and 12 to15 feet high. Of course, there are very large pillars left to support the roof. I personally don't like mining this way because there is always the chance of the roof collapsing and being killed. I have lost too many of my friends that way.

So if you would like some beautiful Honey Matrix, for between $100 and $500 per oz or some terrific Inlay opal for between $600 and $4000 per oz, I have it for you. I trust you are doing well and we look forward to hearing from you.

As always, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Kindest Regards,
Murray Willis

This stone is 1.18 ounces of rich brilliant color !
Honey matrix

This one is actually gem crystal opal on honey matrix ! (0.163oz)
Honey matrix

The 6 stones below are truly 'super gem' quality.
Some of the very best we have ever seen !
Honey matrix

This fabulous GEM is 1.45 grams is SOLD
Honey matrix

This 2.91 gram stone is SOLD!
Honey matrix

And this one would cut two or more stones (4.19 grams) SOLD
Honey matrix

Ok ok... take a big parcel. Sell it yourself !
Honey matrix

Remember to just go to the Order/request page and let us know what you want of this special as soon as possible !

Tell us what you like, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.
That is unless you wait too long... :-(

We look forward to dealing with you.

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Murray Willis