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SPECIAL Coober Pedy Mixed small stones $30/oz 9.1oz $273.00


Close Up

Dark Base (3 really nice stones) 1.15oz $225.00


Coober Pedy (4) brilliant stones Reds & Golds .32oz $90.00


Dead Horse Gully Blues & Greens $250/oz .65oz $162.00


Hans Peak Reds & Greens (16 stones) 1oz $150.00


Coober Pedy Blues $175/oz .85oz $148.00


Coober Pedy Reds & Greens $125/oz 1oz $125


Coober Pedy (4) brilliant stones Reds & Golds .32oz $90.00


Coober Pedy Blues & Greens, Odds & Ends, including beautiful Shell pieces parcel of 13.75oz $550.00 ($40/oz)




Mixed Opal really nice will split in halves 3.4oz $550


Coober Pedy Reds & Greens a bargain $275/oz 1oz $275


Dark Base (3 really nice stones) 1.15oz $225


Coober Pedy brilliant shell pieces great for inlay work $400/oz .5oz $200


Very nice Coober Pedy $100/oz 1.79oz $179


Dead Horse Gully Blues & Greens $250/oz .65oz $162.00


Dead Horse Gully Blues & Greens $250/oz .65oz $162


Hans Peak Reds & Greens (16 stones) 1oz $150


Coober Pedy Blues $175/oz .85oz $148


Coober Pedy Reds & Greens $125/oz 1oz


Coober Pedy (4) brilliant stones Reds & Golds .32oz $90


23 Mile Dark Base gem bar $300/oz .294oz $88


Coober Pedy terrific value $30/oz 1.85oz $55


Coober Pedy White Base Reds & Greens $50/oz 0.97oz $45


Coober Pedy Blues & Greens 1oz $45/oz


Coober Pedy White Base some Reds $30/oz for this 1oz


Nice parcel of Coober Pedy Blue Green & some Red $40/oz fantastic value 139oz $5,560

The Parcel

Close Up

Close Up

Close Up

Close Up

Nice parcel of Coober Pedy Blue Green & some Red $40/oz fantastic value 139oz


Beautiful Doublet !
Grab this lucious doublet quick... only $600


Electric Blue !
A real bargain... Electric blue ..54mm x 32mm and 18mm thick !

1.2 Ounces SORRY SOLD !

Andamooka Matrix Cuts
Here are some very nice pre-cut and pre-treated Andamooka matrix stones. $4/carat 197.7cts (16 stones) $790

Very nice pieces !

Beautiful Shells !
Both are skin to skin shells. They are both beautiful cutting pieces and will yield well in each stone.

(1.) 0.628 oz Some of the face has come off in mining so that you can see the colour, that shell is $2,500.
Skin tight green shell ! $2500.00

(2.) 0.858 oz This shell is from the same field, "Zorba". It is still coated in the brown stain and whatever you can't see the colour very well. This one is just about a perfect piece and is one of about 14 shells in the parcel. I should be asking $6000, we have sold the other 12 and I would say that this shell is probably almost perfect, although the picture won't show that.

This Shell is only $3000.

Electric Blue-Green Boulder
1 Boulder blue green gem stone, .115 oz,
approx 25.x.12 mm $95
Electric Split !!

Mintubi crystal pre-cuts !!
Here is a special deal. We have a limited parcel of Mintubi crystal that has been pre-cut and shaped. They need only to be finally shaped and polished. If you do this yourself, you can have very nice stones at a bargain price. These are priced between $20 and $75 per carat. Call or write and let us know what you would like.
Picture of the precuts

New Lambina reds and greens !!
Every stone will cut a stone and I have another 25 oz of this material available.
It is Lambina reds and greens special, there is 1.04oz (7 stones) for $312.
Lucious Lambina !!

BIG Yowah Boulder !! So sorry ! This is SOLD !
This Yowah Nut specimen is the largest that we have ever seen. It is a beautiful specimen and a great collectors item. It is broken into 3 huge pieces that in total weigh 3 kilograms.

Each piece has some beautiful color. Just imagine if this Yowah Nut had a full kernel ! Although not chock full, this is a beautiful specimen and it will make you the envy of all opal specimen collectors. Only $425.00 !

Get this Yowah Boulder Now !

From the most celebrated Olympic Field at Coober Pedy !!!
Our friend from the Olympic opal field has made another discovery, he has been finding opal on all levels. The bottom level is approximately 64 ft. and each 4 or 5 ft. towards the surface he has another three levels.

Along side the beautiful green/gold crystal was just over an ounce of tremendous reds, greens, with some blue - there was a total of 18 stones in this grade weighing between .0349 oz. and .21 oz. The stones can be bought for between only $105 and $363 each. They shouldn't last too long, and we are happy to sell them individually.

Some of the green crystal will make very very good inlay, and at only $96.50 per gram will be eagerly sought after by the professional inlay cutters.

From the bottom level we have three grades that we are going to offer to you on special:

1. White base reds and greens at only $140 per oz, that really is tremendous value, the stones are flat and can be cut easily.
Picture of the parcel.

2. Slightly smaller stones, about 15 to the ounce, a real cutters parcel at only $225 per oz.

3. From the same pocket there are large stones - the largest stone is 3.05 oz., and the smallest .145 oz. This grade is $325 per oz. Each stone will cut something very special.

From the top level, in a place where the miner never expected to find anything, the level dipped and there, as if it was placed in by an unknown hand, was a pocket of very very beautiful crystal green/gold stones, the smallest weighing only .057 oz. and the largest .583 oz. This grade is $3,000 per oz.

Here are some of the parcel tops.
This stone is 0.538 Ounces for $645.00
A beautiful unique stone ... 0.0985 Ounces

Mintabie faced black and semi-black !
We have about 2.1 ounces of this super material. The King stone weighs about 1/2 ounce, and measures 35 x 28 x 8mm.
It is showing reds and greens, and will yield many stones.
Only $2400.00 per ounce !

Here's the King stone 0.5 OZ for $1200

Great bargain on gorgeous mixed field opal ! SORRY SOLD OUT !!
These are brilliant stones from various fields in South Australia.
The average size is just over 1 gram, just the perfect size for cutting single stones.
Only $28.00 per gram !

These are brilliant stones for only $28/gram

A beautiful Yowah Nut !
It's with very good reason why these stones are called 'nuts'.
They're found inside a rough ugly 'shell', but the inside is
totally 'delicious' ! Too Late...Sold !

Very nice Nut !

Incredible buy on two parcels of cut Andamooka treated matrix !
These stones are an absolute bargain for 2004. These stones were cut some 25 years ago and the parcel is not a lot more than cutting cost. You might say that people mine for up to 6 months and not find any Matrix at all. These stones would also make beautiful pendants, rings or something very special for a loved one. If these were black opals they would be 25 times the price. Please take advantage of it.

This parcel is 14 stones at $4 per carat totaling $908.00.
This parcel is 18 stones at $4 per carat totaling $892.00.
This parcel is 11 stones at $4 per carat totaling $788.00.

More Painted Ladies !
We have 14 Painted Ladies in stock. They range between $15 and $250 each, totalling $795. But as a parcel I would be prepared to sell them for only $575. This is an absolute bargain.

We have been mining in Andamooka for 10 months and we haven't found 1 Painted Lady. They are getting rarer and rarer and just about impossible to get. This is a buy of a lifetime.

This is the best one.

New Lightning Ridge Rubs
These rubs are specially nice at this price !

The tops are $250 each
These are $150 each
The lot for $100 !!

A Painted Painted Lady !
Andamooka produces a lot of Painted Ladies. A Painted Lady is a hard rock with a thin veneer of opal on it. They are not all suitable for jewellery, but they do find a number of uses. In this case, a local artist has painted a very nice picture of an Aborigine hunting a kangaroo, and utilizes the opal background as part of the art.

This beautiful piece weighs approximately 19 ounces, and is SOLD !

Very nice picture !

Andamooka Specimen Collection
7 Andamooka Specimens ranging from a small mud shell surrounded by opal with some distinctive markings to gem "Painted Lady" and very bright treating Matrix, the whole lot only $250. This parcel weighs a total of 4.5 oz and is probably less than the miners would be asking you for it on the field. One specimen is about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and has beautiful Blue Green at some depth. An Inlay cutter could actually cut this stone and make a beautiful ring from it but I think it is better as a specimen. The opal has formed around a conglomerant of rocks and has been sliced off and has just a magnificent panacea of colour. Below are some photographs of this wonderful collection at a very special price. (SOLD) .

Picture of the parcel.
Blue-Green crystal inside.
Matrix and Lady.
Reds and Greens.

8 Piece Specimen Collection SOLD !
The pictures say it all.... The price is only $100 !!!

Picture of the parcel.
Two pieces are one.
Inside the 2 pieces...!

Beautiful Andamooka crystal SOLD !
Here's a beautiful stone that will cut one or two great pieces. $469 for the stone ($3500 per oz).

Picture of the stone.

Andamooka Tops for Inlay !!
Here is the latest that I am doing its Andamooka Exquisite Gem Inlay 1.2 ozs $5,500/oz

It is either Sold as a parcel for $6,600 or Sold individually stone by stone.

It is probably some of the best Inlay mined at Andamooka & will make some Heart stopping pieces from this material. So don't delay let us know which stone you would like or maybe the whole mouth watering parcel.

This parcel has been out of the ground for 10 - 12 Years
Picture of the whole parcel.

More Nobbies !! Sorry, all gone ! That was a great bargain !
The miner says that most of these have not been rubbed !
There is a very good potential to come up with some stones that are worth $350 per carat. You only have to get one 1ct stone out of an ounce at $100 and you don't have to be a genius to work out the profit on that... There is one stone in there with more than 3oz of potch and colour that would have been worth at least $200 for the piece.
Picture of the $85/oz parcel

International Field !!
We have some very nice white and dark base material from International Field. Good size stones $100/oz

Andamooka Mine Run Special
We have 80 ounces available at only $6 per ounce. It is a bit unusual to get such a large parcel of this grade from Andamooka, as this field doesn't always produce big parcels. The picture that we have taken is not a super picture, but then they are not super stones. But this is a very good value and quite a few nice blue green ones are in there at a great price.
Buy the entire parcel, or lots of 10 ounces or more at only $6 per ounce.
Sample Picture
Beautiful Dark base Mintubi: ( We have more now )
Small stones, beautiful oranges and reds for only $800 per oz.
You don't have to purchase in ounce lots, we are happy to supply fractions of an ounce, so that you too can buy yourself exquisite opal for such little money.

Lots of 100 cts. of Andamooka matrix cut and treated stones. - $350 per lot
We are prepared to sell these beautiful stones at only $3.50 per carat
see the article about
Andamooka treated matrix.

Andamooka painted ladies - Only $125 each.
These are large slabs of stone with opal running in many directions. The stones weigh from 2 to 5 pounds. I have one matching pair of painted ladies, a boulder shaped stone split in two with beautiful greens and blues across both faces - only $225 the pair.

Beautiful Lightning Ridge blacks at $200 each, $400 each and $700 each.
Murray just met a new Lightning Ridge miner and bought some beautiful black and crystal.
Some stones are as little as $100 each.
Be quick as there are only about 30 stones in this Hot Spot Special"

Lightning Ridge nobbies - Sorry, too late !
Most of these are just tumbled and not touched at only $8 per oz. Most stones have some blue or green colour in them and this is a real bargain. Treat yourself to 50 oz. "for Christmas".
In 25 oz. lots or greater ... $8 per oz.

Lightning Ridge offcuts including black opal
$5.00 per oz. in 100 oz. lots, special at $450.00

Lightning Ridge $7.50 per oz. in 50 oz. lots, $375.00.

Boulder Opal ... Dealer Special ! :
Rough boulder opal specimens and cutting material. Having nice blues and greens, and maybe a dash of red to be found. Be quick, the last lot was sold out and this lot won't last long.
3 Kilos for $295.00 !

Mintubi Old Field white base Reds
Skin to skin. Stones between .1 and 2 oz. $999 per ounce
Here's a good picture of some of the stones.

Mixed Opal Special
usually $7.50 per oz. ... Special 5 oz. lots for only $30

Seafood Cocktail ! :
2 Opalized Shells and 1 Opalized Belemnite (squid)
Your choice.....Only $99 !
Picture of the cocktail.

Better mine run special:
$6 per oz OR 50 oz. at $5.00 per oz. More available now.

Beautiful mixed Mintubi:
Large stones at $45 per oz.
Smaller stones - different mine / same miner at $20 per oz.

Lambina dark base -- Only 8 stones left !
large stones between 1 oz. and 10 oz. at $45 per oz.

Lambina dark base
Smaller stones. Some of the $30/oz are up to one ounce. $10 and $30 per oz.

Coober Pedy Special : $10 per oz.
(If you would like us to mix in a little black from Mintubi at only $10 per oz.,
we have approximately 100 oz. - let us know)

Mixed Mintubi special: $100 per oz.

I am sure there is something here for you. We are happy to send it to you on an approval basis on the understanding that if you don't want it we will allow you a full cash refund.

Go to the Order page and let us know what you want as soon as possible !

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Let's hear from you,
Kindest regards,

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