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About Chrysoprase and "Prase"

If you like chrysoprase, you will praise "Prase"...

Chrysoprase is perhaps the most valuable member of the Chalcedony family of minerals and gemstones.
The most sought after type is a translucent apple-green which is free of inclusions.

It is very hard (7 on the MOHS scale), and is often used for mens' rings because of its durability.

It is sometimes called "Australian Jade", as it is most commonly found in Queensland Australia.

This is an example of better quality chrysoprase. Prase Oval

Recently, a new mineral was found in Australia which looks like chrysoprase,
and is certainly a chalcedony, but at this time is not yet properly identified.

In many ways it appears to be chrysoprase, however the miner swears that it is not.
For this reason he has chosen the name "Prase".

Prase is found in different thicknesses and qualities, and as with chrysoprase, the best is clean and
posesses a deep rich green jade color. The best of this is called "Imperial Prase".

We have obtained a quantity of this material in different grades,
and can offer it to you at a very reasonable price.

Here are some examples of the different grades of Prase that we offer:

Imperial Prase Specimen
This is an astounding specimen of
"Imperial Prase"

This is an example of the fine stones that
you can cut from this Imperial grade Prase.

Prase oval

Imperial Prase Specimen
This is another specimen showing the rich deep
green color of "Imperial Prase"

The lower grades of Prase are not as clean as Imperial Prase.
It may include striations or attractive waves of different shades of green.

It makes very nice stones, and is very inexpensive.
This lower grade Prase is very beautiful.
The linear effect makes very interesting stones
when aligned artfully with the setting.

Prase 20k

Prase 20k Another specimen of the lower grade Prase

We also offer Chrysoprase in various grades, and can provide large quantities.

Chrysoprase is a long-recognized gemstone.

Chrysoprase 200k

Chrysoprase 100k This is also a fine grade of Chrysoprase.
Here it has been 'wetted' in order to show the
color as it would be after cutting and polishing.
This piece is SOLD.

We have other grades of Chrysoprase and Prase.
All you have to do is let us know what you like.
As with all of our other material, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Go to the Order page and let us know what you want as soon as possible !

We have more ! Just tell us what you like.

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