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What is the meaning of "Matched Opals"

There are FIVE MATCHED stones in the Morning Sky ring.

A total of 8 stones were cut from one single piece of this 'Suite Mintabie' parcel, and there are yet two 'sisters' to the 'mother' of these...even more beautiful...

Get a peek at these as yet uncut treasures.

These stones are so closely matched that you cannot distinguish between them by their color or fire.

Before any of the 'sisters' were set, it was possible to put them all in your palm, and 'choose' one. Examine it for any time. Then put it back into your hand with the others, 'shake' them up, and then try to find the one you had selected... You can't.

Your eyes are constantly twitching between one point of interest and another, and as you turn the stones in even the slightest way, the patterns change and your eyes have to start all over !

About 4 times normal size
Suite Mintabie

Notes about these pictures:

Almost all of the images on this website are captured and saved with the same camera, and with the same 'settings' in Photoshop. This application is used to 'normalize' all of the images so that at least from page to page, you don't get a lot of tonal changes.

In the case of the animated sequence above, the stone and the camera were held still while the single 20W Halogen lamp was moved from the left to the right while snapping 7 frames. Then the images were duplicated in reverse, to provide a 'smooth' transition from left to right and back.

Although you may think that these pictures are 'enhanced', the truth is that these pictures are a very poor representation of the stunning brilliance and the exquisitely fine 'shift' of the colors of this stone, and indeed of any of the 'Suite Mintabie'.

Just look at this sequence for a while. It doesn't take long before your eyes adjust to the level of detail (and lack of it), so that they 'fill in' the gaps.

Even with this poor representation, it wont take long before your endorphines start boiling ...there is just nothing on this Earth that can match this 'nobility'.

In less than 15 seconds you can 'know' even the finest diamond.

In your whole life you could not come to 'know' opal such as this...

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Murray Willis