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Big Red

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( scale = approx 1:1 )

This stone is 207 carats of the finest Mintabie 'plate' opal.
It is approximately 5.5 inches long, and as much as 9mm thick.
There are 4 movies of this stone: see the gallery index

This stone is one of those which elude the miner. The spectacular nature of Big Red was not completely seen when it was first mined, nor was it noticed when it was purchased on the field. It was only noticed when it arrived in the hands of the investor/cutter.

Even with a thick layer of potch and sand over the stone, the deep red layer was evident from the first moment that the rough stone was taken out of the box. The light of a single lamp caused the deep red flake to glow through the layers of sand and potch.

The most phenomenal thing about this stone is that there are two layers which augment each other in the total presentation. The two layers 'amplify' each other and the fire seems to vibrate between them.

The lower layer is a complete edge-to-edge flake of the purest red fire.

The upper layer is most spectacular. It is as much as 3mm thick, and the pattern is that of 'confetti'. Not truly 'Harlequin', but rather large richly packed flakes of every color from blinding reds to deep rich blues.

What is most pleasing about this stone is that the pattern is uniform from edge to edge. Normally, in a stone of such size, the pattern changes from small flakes to large, or the colors vary from one side to the other. This often dictates that the stone be cut into pieces that feature each of the different patterns.

This piece will be in the treasury of great people for many hundreds of years.

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