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A very special parcel
from the Olympic field

This parcel is already dwindling as folks choose their favorite stones:

This parcel is one of the best I've seen in many years. Even though the picture above can't show it properly, the fire is full and brilliant, and each stone is a wonderful opportunity for one or more perfect pieces.

We've taken the time to snap digital pictures of each of the stones, in the hope that it will help you make up your mind just which ones you want !

Some of these pictures do not show the fullness of the fire throughout each of the stones. Remember that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Even if you aren't in the market for such quality, you will enjoy the pictures of the individual stones. Some of the pics are very nice.

If your web browser doesn't open a new window for the pictures,
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DescriptionWeight Photo
1.Largest stone in the parcel - the key .78 oz Picture
Thick and chock-a-block color .4636 oz Picture
Fantastic bright flakes .2871 oz Picture
Exemplary of the whole parcel .2834 oz Picture
Great play of color .2435 oz Picture
Odd shape but many cuts .2324 oz Picture
Truly Olympic field at its best .2240 oz Picture
8. Larger than it looks, great fire .1940 oz Picture
9. Wide bright color .1928 oz Picture
10. Getting smaller but just as bright. .1892 oz Picture
11. Lucious colors .1829 oz Picture
12. Not a good pic. Fire is there .1400 oz Picture
13. Larger face will cut two matching stones? .1332 oz Picture
14. Very bright fire in all of this .1255 oz Picture
15. Larger flakes and full fire .1231 oz Picture
16. Not a good pic, but the color's there .1189 oz Picture
Here's a good sample of the fire type .1128 oz Picture
Killer little stone .1059 oz Picture
19. Another killer .1042 oz Picture
20. Not a good pic, more color there .0986 oz Picture
21. A good pic of a georgeous little nugget .0962 oz Picture
Smaller but chunky and full of fire .0961 oz Picture
A wedge shape for a great pendant? .0913 oz Picture
24. A great free-form pendant? .0903 oz Picture
25. Ooooooh... gotta have it... .0858 oz Picture
Getting even better ... .0837 oz Picture
27. A dim picture, but see the color ! .0795 oz Picture
Dim again, but thick with color .0767 oz Picture
Fine little piece .0597 oz Picture
30. Next to smallest, but no less brilliant .0592 oz Picture
31. The smallest stone in this parcel, and still kicky! .0586 oz Picture

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