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Even 120 degrees Fahrenheit doesn't stop them !

mintubi red green $500/oz

The story is the miners worked all over the Christmas break in the very hot weather, fortunately they were fairly deep underground with a bobcat. They stayed on in the 120 degrees Fahrenheit heat in the sun because they had a trace and badly needed money and they thought they were going to have a big one. They found three little slips totalling about 190 oz. They were so disappointed they didn't class the opal they just tumbled it and it could have been tumbled more. There is a bit of sand on it.

Some of the opal in this parcel is worth up to $2,000 per oz. but because it hasn't been tumbled that well it is a bit hard to see it. We are offering two grades of white base, one at $100 per oz. and the other at $200 per oz. Some of the $100/oz material is pictured in my hand below :

mintubi white $100/oz

And here's the better whites with red/green fire at $200/oz.
mintubi white $100/oz

And here's some of the better pieces after they have been faced up
all sold

Mintubi is one of the most famous opal mining areas of South Australia. It is the home of the Suite Mintabie, but in the last few years, there have been few miners there.

We also have some very nice dark base, two grades, one is offered at $200 per oz. and the other at $500 per oz.

mintubi white $100/oz

mintubi white $100/oz

I hope the miners when they go back hit the main run and get the level and not just the slips. If they do they could find anywhere between $1 million and $3 million. They have never had that fortune in the past but with the colour that is here and the way they opal is running and they have a full claim they do have an opportunity of striking the big one. Let's hope so.

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