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We have so much gear that we just had to find a new way
to display fast arriving parcels.

But don't miss the other parcels on the main page !

Please notice that there are MANY pages in each category below:

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Prices in U.S Dollars - Postage not included

Beads Necklaces and Bracelets

Great Gems and Small Parcels

Top Gems

Lightning Ridge Black Rubs

Boulder Opal Specials

Larger Parcels All Types

Specimens - Carvings - Fun Stones


Andamooka Treated Matrix

I am sure there is something here for you. We are happy to send it
to you on an approval basis on the understanding that if you don't
want it we will allow you a full cash refund.

As you can see from the hundreds of pages, and over 6000 files on the website,
we have an extensive inventory, and we receive new material almost every day.

We do try to keep the pages in tune with the items sold and newly received,
but sometimes you will find items that are already sold and not so marked.

We apologize in advance, and will do everything we can to find similar material that will satisfy you.

Also, we intentionally keep items on the site after they are marked as sold,
so that you might enjoy the pictures and perhaps use them to tell us what you like.

Go to the Order page and let us know what you want as soon as possible !

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