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treated matrix

Above we have a beautiful stone with gem opal, terrific Matrix and Quartz. This is a magnificent unique piece and would go well in a Queens collection. It weighs a smidge over 4 oz and can be purchased at a very very reasonable price.

Perhaps my favourite of all has a miriad of colours and patterns. It has broad flash in gold, greens, blues, it has pinfire reds and golds and blues and on the back of the stone it is completely blue. There is green blending into blue on the sides. This stone has more colours than Joseph's coat and would make just about the perfect Fiddle stone. It weighs in excess of 460 cts which is only $5.43 per carat. As we offer you this unique one off specimen for only $3,500.00.

Matrix is truly beautiful and I know after 30 years experience, of all the opal products mined and produced, Matrix is the most undervalued and therefore has the greatest potential for the investor. I can highly recommend any of the above Matrix opal pieces to you and I would be happy to have an enquiry from you.

460cts matrix

460cts matrix

460cts matrix

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