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Andamooka Treated Matrix Opal

"Rainbow Matrix"


More great specimens !
These have all been treated and sealed.

Giant thick specimen. All types of fire and colors.
It weighs 18.5 Ounces !!

This one weighs 7.3 ounces

Rainbow Matrix 7.3oz

Here is a great piece, flames on the edges.
It weighs 6.4 Ounces !!

This piece is Two-Toned.
It weighs 5.15 Ounces !!

Here is a great piece, Broad multicolor
It also weighs 6.4 Ounces !!

Broad flash with great blues and reds.
It weighs 3.4 Ounces

Multicolor flakes edge to edge.
It weighs 1.38 Ounces !!

Beautiful red blue peppered.
It weighs 1.16 Ounces !!

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