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You've never seen such beautiful carved Opal !

carved matrix

Andamooka Matrix opal is a very special form of opal. It is only found in Andamooka. It can be treated and made to look like black opal.

Man as ingenious as he is, has done many things with Matrix.

He has cut it, treated it, halved it, made specimens from it in many different forms. Below are some.

There is a 'Seal' that weighs 260 cts and if for sale for only $160 which is only $0.62 per carat. On the bottom of the Seal there is even an eye of gem opal. This is a beautiful thing and I guarantee that you won't find another one like it in the world.

Below that are 3 carvings of ladies, 2 have beautiful bonnets, all of them have long flowing hair. The largest lady is very youthful and on the back of the stone you can see opal and opal potch blending in with the Matrix. She wears a lovely necklace and has the youthful innocence look (she must be very young). That stone weighs approximately 308 cts and is only $975. It would cost you twice that amount must to get the carving done today.

Matrix is truly beautiful and I know after 30 years experience, of all the opal products mined and produced, Matrix is the most undervalued and therefore has the greatest potential for the investor. I can highly recommend any of the above Matrix opal pieces to you and I would be happy to have an enquiry from you.

carved seal 260cts

carved matrix

So sorry... this one is sold...
carved matrix

carved matrix

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