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Only from Australian Opal Mines do you get such an Opportunity !

From the fabulous Olympic Field at Coober Pedy
Olympic Keystone
Skin to skin, top to bottom, chock full of color !
(more pics below)

Above is an image of one of the most magnificent opal field stones that I have ever seen. It would undoubtedly be in the top 1-2% of opal ever mined from that area.

It was mined a number of years ago and has a tooth like shape which was formed naturally. It is on our website because since one of our customers purchased this stone he has found himself out of work. The stone has been slightly worked, the top appears to be beautiful gem green crystal one side, the other side is the most beautiful red green gold and some purple crystal.

The stone weighs .331 of a troy ounce which is approximately 51.42 cts.

The client will sell the stone at cost price which was $8000, which is only $155 per ct. I have just heard of lesser quality opal being sold in smaller pieces for 3 times that amount, so this is a bargain.

So if you want the stone for yourself let us know. You will not only be helping yourself but you will be helping our much valued client who is not in the best financial shape at the moment.

As always, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Olympic Keystone

Olympic keystone

Remember to just go to the Order/request page and let us know what you want of this special as soon as possible !

Tell us what you like, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.
That is unless you wait too long... :-(

We look forward to dealing with you.

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