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Exotic Lambina
Lambina is perhaps the wildest opal mining area in South Australia.

This parcel is some of the most exotic dark base opal we have ever seen !

It is so very holographic that it defies description.

Not even a movie could adequately depict what you see when you hold this material.

The color appears to jump and run and completely change from flames to pin fire to washes.

Even more spectacular is the price !!

Click on pictures for spectacular close-ups

This is the keystone... it is 3.66 ounces of fire and mystery.
At only $950 per ounce, it is yours for only $3477 !!
More Pictures : 1.. ..2

This parcel is only $600 per ounce !
And we have 29 ounces of it !!
Lambina Exotic

This lighter based material is even more dear because it is chock-a-block !
But we have only 22 ounces of it... at $1000 per ounce
Lambina Exotic

The smaller nuggets are only $200 per ounce !
But we have only 22 ounces of it...
Lambina Exotic

Here is another look at that $200/ounce gear :
Lambina Exotic

Remember to just go to the Order/request page and let us know what you want of this special as soon as possible !

Tell us what you like, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.
That is unless you wait too long... :-(

We look forward to dealing with you.

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