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The Lovely Kirsty makes her web debut !

Below are some pictures of opals belonging to my daughter Kirsty. She has been involved in my business for a number of years. She has done many trips to America and more of my customers have actually met Kirsty than have met me.

Most of the opals in this offer are Dark Base from Lambina and they are all terrific value. Please take into consideration that very few people are mining at Lambina today and if they are successful they will be finding White Base not Dark Base.

This old stock of Kirsty's is particularly good value and would cost you much more to buy it directly from the miner today and they would want to sell you a whole parcel not individual stones or ounces.

Also in this offer are a number of White Base stones from Coober Pedy. The 17 Mile is skin to skin, in fact they are all skin to skin.

I am sure you will have a lot of enjoyment cutting them.

I can highly recommend this stock to you and Kirsty will be very pleased to see it in your hands.


We wish you well and look forward to hearing from you.

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Last modified: March 22, 2015
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