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Eleven Ounces from the old Eleven Mile field !

11 mile Keystone
At only $300 per Ounce !
(more pics below)

This stone is a unique piece I don't think you will find anywhere else in the world that you can buy such a large stone for such little money. Australian Opal Mines is offering it on behalf of a friend who needs the money.

This super piece is almost skin to skin. It was mined many years ago. All its brothers and sisters have already been cut up and sliced and sold into both solids and triplets. Only because of the magnificence and size of this piece that it has survived. Large pieces such as this are often used for making watch faces.

If you would like to stretch your imagination for a minute, just imagine that you are down crouching in a mine and you have just dug away all the opal from below the opal level and sitting there with a bag and a bucket prising down their level, having a lot of success bringing down smaller stones and bright pieces and then all of a sudden this huge monster of an opal presents itself. It lands straight in the bucket.

Did the miner see it and with a shaky hand remove it from the ceiling or did it under its own weight just crash to the floor of the mine? Just imagine the glee and excitement, the sense of urgency that the miner had. The rush of blood to his head as he rushed to the surface to show his partner.

The end result of this excitement can be yours for only $3,450. I find it hard to believe that our friend is prepared to sell this stone for such a small amount of money. Perhaps his urgent need of money can become your good luck. Take a look.

11 mile Keystone

Remember to just go to the Order/request page and let us know what you want of this special as soon as possible !

Tell us what you like, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.
That is unless you wait too long... :-(

We look forward to dealing with you.

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