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Len Cram's

Greatest Opal Book

Recently Len Cram launched a new book:

"A Journey with Colour A History of South Australian Opal 1840-2005"

My daughter Nicole was asked to host the launching.
Kent and I travelled to Coober Pedy to the launch also.
All three Willises were featured in the book which is a great honour.

There is no doubt that Len Cram is the greatest opal historian in the
history of this world. He shudders at that title but deep down he knows he is.

The book has approximately one million words of stories and interviews.
The 368 pages are 8.5" x 11.75" and include 1,400 photographs.

For $495 US it is a bargain.

If you would like us to send you a copy and possibly some opals with it
we would be more than happy to do so.

Go to the Order page and let us know what you want as soon as possible !
As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed

Kindest regards,

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March 20,2012
Mac Made

Murray Willis