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Australian Opal Mines was the first Australian company to offer in its advertising -

'money back if not satisfied'
- that is, if we send you an opal and you are not happy with it,
providing you haven't cut it,
we will give you your money back.

We have learned to trust our customers and our business has thrived as a result.

Do read this story about a recent example of our business behaviour.

Australian Opal Mines accepts most credit cards. We would appreciate it when you placed an order if you advised us that you would like to pay by credit card, or bank cheque, or we are even happy to take your personal cheque.

Prices are always in US Dollars.
Postage - Our pricelists don't include postage.

Unlike other companies we only charge you for what the postage actually costs. If the cost of postage is built into the opal, when you buy a large quantity of opal it could be that you are paying ten times the amount for postage that you really should be paying.

So we add the actual cost of postage and insurance to your invoice.

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As you can see from the hundreds of pages, and over 8000 files on the website, we have an extensive inventory, and we receive new material almost every day. We do try to keep the pages in tune with the items sold and newly received, but sometimes you will find items that are already sold and not so marked. We apologize in advance, and will do everything we can to find similar material that will satisfy you. Also, we intentionally keep items on the site after they are marked as sold, so that you might enjoy the pictures and perhaps use them to tell us what you like.

We also offer a frequent EMAIL OFFERINGS EMAIL, where we post our most recent offerings in email direct to you !

No other company has advertised longer in both the Australian Gold and Treasure Magazine, or the American Lapidary Journal or Rock and Gem Magazine than Australian Opal Mines.

Our continuity and reliability must say something for the
strength of Australian Opal Mines.

"In the long run our success depends on the prosperity of our clients"

"Murray Willis firmly believes the above statement and does all in his power to make sure the clients of Australian Opal Mines make money. He is only too aware if a client loses money, he will lose a client. After 38 years of experience in the opal game Murray is in a position to ensure that his clients make more out of some of the opal he puts in their hands, than he makes himself. That is why Australian Opal Mines after more than a quarter of a century is here to serve you"

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