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Boulder Opal Special Parcel
New Stock !

"Below are some picture of Boulders that we have just taken into stock from 1 of our mining friends from Queensland.

He was wanting some money for Christmas and I obliged. There is certainly some real good value stones here for you. Pop us an e-mail and we can still have them to you in time for Christmas."

Go to the Order page and tell us how much you want as soon as possible !

Picture IDDescriptionPhoto
AQueensland matrix 1.2 ounces $500 Picture
BQueensland seam boulder $50 Each Picture
CQueensland seam boulder $175 Picture
DQueensland seam boulder $50 Each Picture
EQueensland seam boulder $75 Each Picture
FQueensland seam boulder $90 Picture
GQueensland seam boulder double-sided $100 1 2
HQueensland seam boulder Split $250 Picture

Go to the Order page and let us know what you want as soon as possible !

We look forward to dealing with you.


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