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Boulder Opal Parcels

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About Boulder Opal

Boulder opal occurs in two main forms, 'seam' and 'matrix'.

When opal intrudes into cracks and seams in the host rock (usually ironstone),
it is called SEAM boulder opal.

Seam boulder opal is often 'split' along the seam so as to produce one or two faces of opal material.

When the opal is mixed more completely within the host rock,
it is called MATRIX boulder opal.

Matrix boulder opal is most often cut so as to show the patterns of opal within the host rock.

And, as you might imagine, there are cases where the distinction is not clear...

However, whenever the 'stone' is not solid opal, and includes at least some of the host rock (usually ironstone), then it is called BOULDER opal.

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