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Opal Spheres !

Please notice that all of these have sold.
We leave them here for your enjoyment.

The Andamooka Field is unique in that it produces a rock with opal running through it.
I believe that the rocks had some cracks in them and when the opal was in a liquid form
it just ran into those cracks and filled them up. Usually it's just one fairly straight crack
and when you hit the rock and break it into two the opal splits and you have what we call "Painted Ladies".
We call them Painted Ladies because they are like ladies of the night, 'they have lovely faces
but nothing inside' so I am told.

Australian Opal Mines had a couple of rocks where the opal was not running in straight lines
but running in a crazy manner right through it. We have held these stones for over 10 years wondering
what to do with them and finally we have decided that we will make opal spheres from them.
We have them from as small as 22mm up to 6cm in diameter.

The smallest spheres we have drilled so that they can be used in beads or hung on a wire or whatever.
I'd say these are probably the largest opal spheres in the world. Now they are not full opal,
they are mostly rock with beautiful opal lines running through them.

As I said they can be used for beads or the large undrilled ones can be used as ornaments or placed
in an opal collector's collection. We are sure they are unique.

ALL have been SOLD, but you can view:

Go to the Order page and let us know how many you want as soon as possible !

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