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Round Opal Beads

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Gorgeous rich Lambina rounds 310 total carats $4650.00

145 carats of Beautiful Red to Green Lambina 8mm rounds
SOLD ! Closeup

Andamooka multi-color GEM 10mm rounds
226 carats for $1250 !

Andamooka blue-green 10mm rounds
226 carats for $900 !

Beautiful Black Mintubi blue-green 5mm rounds
57 carats for $850 !

312 carats of Bright Andamooka 12mm rounds

Coober Pedy Shell Patch White Base Reds & Greens 4-7.5mm round 63cts $675

Coober Pedy 17 Mile 3.5-9mm round some Gems 52cts $825

142 carats of Lucid Lambina 8mm rounds
for $500 ! Closeup

Beautiful Dark Translucent Beads only $100 per strand.

Note that the following are available in various shades...
Very lovely Andamooka round beads for only $75 per strand.

Available also in rondel shape, still only $75 per strand.

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