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Lambina Gem Golds, Greens, Reds Translucent Rondel 173cts 4.5-11mm SOLD
Close Up

Andamooka Green Crystal Rondel 4-8mm 80cts SOLD !!

Andamooka 4-8mm Rondel 83cts $830
Close Up

Andamooka Blue Green Crystal Rondel 4-9mm 102cts $775
Close Up

Andamooka Green & Red Crystal Rondels 4.5-9mm 96cts $1,375
Close Up

Lambina Green,Red,Blue Crystal Rondel #2 122cts 5-10mm SOLD
Close Up

Lambina Greens, Blues & Golds Rondel 155cts 5-11.5mm $475
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