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Here are samples of loose beads that can be made into necklaces, bracelets, or even earrings.
They are inexpensive and are a great value.
Please contact Murray for prices and availability.

Andamooka Greens & Blue Rondel 78cts 5-13mm

Lambina Rondels Blues,Greens & Golds Rondels 5-10mm

Not a mis-print... 20mm Boulder Beads !!
Total of 649 carats for only $2.50 per carat.

More loose Boulder Beads !!
Total of 376 carats for only $2.00 per carat.

Lambina Freeform Greens,Blues,Reds, some Jelly 125cts $375

Rondels in various sizes

Blue Green Crystal Rondels 3 - 9mm

Freeform Lambina beads

Lambina 6mm rounds

Lambina 6mm rounds

Round beads 5mm

Round beads 8mm

The ones below are not opal they are 'Prase'

Go to the Order page and let us know how many you want as soon as possible !

Let's hear from you,
Kindest regards,

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