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Free Form Opal Beads

Very nice Dark Base freeform beads from Lambina !

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We are currently having more beads cut from the same parcel. It is currently very fashionable to have a necklace with one large bead. It most unlikely that anyone else will have beads such as these. Not only are they large, but they are black and they are from Lambina ! Very little black opal comes from this field.

Fantasy Black Crystal Mintubi Freeform beads

We have 4 strands each approximately 100 carats.
ONLY $2000 each !
[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

A lovely strand of 133 carats of freeform crystal beads.
whole strand

Beautiful Mintubi black. 103 carats of freeform beads.

Beautiful Mintubi black crystal. 132 carats of freeform beads.

Beautiful Mintubi black. 139 carats of freeform beads.

Andamooka Opal & Matrix Freeform 134cts $195

Lambina Freeform Dark Base Green & Gold Jelly 232cts $325

Mintubi Freeform Greens & Reds 155cts $310

Lambina Dark Crystal Freeform beads

Here is a beautiful strand of 178 carats of freeform crystal beads.
At $2136.00, that's only $12 per carat !

Lambina Dark Base Freeform beads

This 185 carat strand is only $800.00

And this 170 carat strand is only $500.00

Lambina Free Form Dark Crystal Beads 8-21mm 176 carats $750

Lambina Free Form Dark Beads 13-18mm 170 carats $500

Go to the Order page and let us know how many you want as soon as possible !

Let's hear from you,
Kindest regards,
Murray Willis

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