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Focal Point Beads !

Just Imagine ...

Above are some rings made by one of our customers with these special focal beads.

We have been offering opal beads for many years now, but recently someone asked for some very special
'focal' beads for the pendant of a necklace.

So we answered the request by having some really fabulous opal cut very carefully just for such 'focal points'.

Cutting opal into beads is already a 'wasteful' process. You would just cringe at the loss of material !
But this was a challenge that we couldn't resist.

Scroll down if you can :) and feast your eyes on some lovely pics of the first of these offerings.

This beautiful thing is 16mm and 20.6 carats !
Only $1236.00

Lovely 16mm 13.27 carat dark base
Only $450.80

Great 15mm 17.05 carat very dark
Only $1023.00

Beautiful dark with bright bands 15mm 15.84 carat
Only $950.00

Rich dark with bright bands 14mm 13.72 carat
Only $823.20

Very nice clouds with jewels 14mm 15.4 carat
Only $462.00

Very full bands of Jupiter 11.5mm 7.91 carat
Only $474.60

Double bands dark ! 16mm 20.5 carat
Only $1230.00

Super bright bands 16mm 22.88 carat
Only $1372.60

Go to the Order page and let us know how many you want as soon as possible !

Let's hear from you,
Kindest regards,

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