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Opal is not cut into beads very often. There is too much waste !
But we choose the best material and have it cut to our specifications.
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Many items in each of the following links :

Opal Rosary Beads
Andamooka Beads
Andamooka Gem Beads
Lightning Ridge Beads
Focal Beads
Opal Spheres
Opal Bracelets
Opal Mosaic Beads
Ceramic Glass Beads
Great rondel cut strands.
Round Beads.
Freeform Beads.
Boulder Matrix Beads
Are you interested in loose beads ?
Chrysoprase beads


Lustrous White base Beads WERE $85 per strand.

End of Closeout

Rondel Beads

Next page of rondel beads

Great dark Mintubi Crystal 98 carats 4-8mm $4,000 !!

Here's a gem Bright white Mintubi rondell strand only $1,800.00 !!

Mintubi Dark Base Crystal Valley 106 carats 5-9mm SOLD !!
Close Up

This beautiful white base Mintubi rondell strand is only $1,500.00 !!

And we have white base rondells with reds and greens at $750

Black base 4 to 7mm rondels from Lightning Ridge at $100

A closer look

Very nice Dark Base freeform beads from Lambina !

We are currently having more beads cut from the same parcel. It is currently very fashionable to have a necklace with one large bead. It most unlikely that anyone else will have beads such as these. Not only are they large, but they are black and they are from Lambina ! Very little black opal comes from this field.

Even more very beautiful Opal beads !

Note that the following are available in various shades...
Very lovely Andamooka round beads for only $75 per strand.

Available also in rondel shape, still only $75 per strand.

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