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Back to work at the Lambina fields !

The colors of Lambina !

Many miners are heading back to Lambina to begin their work.

Much of it will begin in earnest after Easter. After a long holiday with plenty of expenses some of the miners are looking to replenish their funds.

One of our mates offered me opal that we have quite a stock of and after a price adjustment we put it in to our stock, but what I offer you is a very special bag that he had been keeping of individual stones from different parcels during the year.

When miners and partners see something in a parcel they like they often come to arrangement where their mate takes one and they take one and it is something that the buyers don't often see.

We are going to share a number of stones with you including some black opal that fall into that category.

We have taken pictures of them and we are prepared to sell them individually. Some of the opal is just absolutely glorious. The stones because of their size aren't really all that expensive so here is a chance to buy something that is an individual piece at a parcel price, and even better than the regular price because it is a 'Back to Work' special.

Enjoy even looking, but if you can see your way clear you should have one of these stones for your collection or that special person who is close to you.

As always, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Dark Lambina 5.3 Ounces $1000 per ounce

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Lambina Gem 0.155 Ounces $7500 per ounce
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Lambina Gem 1.58 Ounces $5000 per ounce
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Lambina Gem 0.179 Ounces $7500 per ounce
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Black Lambina 0.356 Ounces $15,000 per ounce
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Remember to just go to the Order/request page and let us know what you want of this special as soon as possible !

Tell us what you like, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.
That is unless you wait too long... :-(

We look forward to dealing with you.

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Last modified: June 29, 2007
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